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presidents of the united states

Top 7 Richest American Presidents and Their Net Worth

As you may know, being a president of The United State of America holds a lot. This is because the position attracts respect, power, and authority in the world. Apart from this, this position is equally considered to have a financial boost to the occupants.

In the U.S. the president is seen as someone who will power, influence and authority among his follow presidents and they belong to the wealthiest category of the society. In this article, we will examine the top 7 American presidents and their net worth.

Donald Trump (net worth: #3.7 billion) 2017-till date

Born on 1946, Donald Trump, who is the current president and he is known as a controversial president following the circumstances surrounding his election. Despite this, there is one thing that you can not take away from him and that is, he knows how to make money, having businesses which span across real estate, hotels, TV network, sales, entertainment to mention but a few.

Donald Trump's Net Worth

Donald Trump’s Net Worth is $3.7 Billion

George Washington (net worth: $580 million) 1789-1797

George Washington was one of the American presidents who made history, George is known for his enormous wealth.

George’s Virginia plantation, Mount Vernon, consisted of five separate farms on 8,000 acres of land which is run by his slaves numbering over 300. George is considered as one of the richest presidents, having earned 2% of the U.S. Budget as his salary in 1789.

George Washington's net worth

George Washington’s net worth is $580 Million

Thomas Jefferson (net worth: 234 million) 1801-1809

Jefferson inherited 3,000 acres of land and a good number of slaves from his father Monticello. Jefferson’s mansion built on a 5,000 acres plantation in Virginia, was one of the architectural beauty of its time. He acquired money from the various political positions he held before becoming president in 1801. After his 8 years in office, he was enmeshed in debt, thus, he lost most of his wealth and was in a huge debt.

Thomas Jefferson's Net Worth

Thomas Jefferson’s Net Worth $234 Million

Theodore Roosevelt (net worth: 138 million) 1901-1909

Roosevelt who came from a rich New York City family is considered as an outstanding president of the U.S. He received a good portion of a trust fund from his family. Roosevelt worked as an author to pay his bills, having lost most of his in a ranching business in the Dakotas.

Roosevelt has a 235 acres estate situated at Sagamore Hill in Long Island.

Theodore Roosevelt's Net Worth

Theodore Roosevelt’s Net Worth is $138 Million

Andrew Jackson (net worth: $131 million) 1829-1837

Andrew Jackson from 1829 to 1837, serving for two terms in office. He was to a large extent considered as a public man, having been in touch with the middle class. Andrew has a large investment in the real estate. His homestead, The Hermitage which included 1,050 acres of prime real estate.

Andrew married into a wealthy home and he equally made money as a military officer and he was featured in the 20-dollar bill for a while.

Andrew Jackson Net Worth is

Andrew Jackson Net Worth is $131 Million

James Madison (net worth: $112 million) 1809-1817

James started acquiring wealth as Secretary of State before he became president. He has a landholding which consisted of 5,000 acres and the Montpelier estate which made him a number one landowner in the Orange County, Virginia.

James Madison Net Worth

James Madison Net Worth is $112 Million

Lyndon Baines Johnson (net worth: $108 million) 1963-1969

Despite Baine’s father losing all his money when he was still a young boy, he was not deterred by this rather he worked hard. He accumulated about 1,500 acres in Blanco County, Texas, which included his home, which is called Texas White House.

Lyndon Baines Johnson Net Worth

Lyndon Baines Johnson Net Worth is $108 Million

Brines and the wife owned a radio and television station in Texas and some other businesses which he does. He equally owned a private aircraft.

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