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Sue Aikens in life below zero

What happened to Sue Aikens in life below zero? Is she still on the show? or Did She Leave?

Sue Aikens made a debut when she stared at the episodes of Life below Zero. Her life in the Northern points of the United States has enabled her to star in below zero episodes.  Born on1st July 1963 in Mount Prospect Illinois, Sue spent her childhood years in Alaska with her mother. She was fascinated by countryside landscape and nature. Sue Aikens has been married twice though she keeps her private life checked and her second husband died some years ago.

Sue Aikens has made an appearance in several television shows prior to appearing in the series of Below Zero. She has made a small appearance on television shows on Alaska including Sarah Palin’s Alaska and Flying Time Alaska. Her major cast was in the show of Below Zero. However, her stay at below zero is now questionable.

But what happened to Sue in Life Below Zero? A lot of rumors have of late been whirling in social media about her stay in the show. Well, sources have confirmed that Sue has sued the producers of the show. There has been a myriad of reasons as to what prompted her to do so.

What happened to Sue Aikens From Life Below Zero?

One of the reasons that have been put forward is the infringement of terms of the contract between them and Sue Aikens.  Sue has filed a case challenging the producers for not honoring the terms of the contract which she has termed as creating the unfriendly working condition.

She has also filed a case against interfering with her business and intentionally causing her emotional distress. These issues amount to what Sue Aikens have summarized as the not safe working environment.


Sue Aikens From Life Below Zero

Sue Aikins has also argued that the producers have been forcing her to work in adverse climatic conditions that may be hazardous to her health. One of such includes being forced to shoot in the ice without mask or helmet causing her body to go numb.

She also says that she was forced to drive snowmachines in unsafe conditions. This led to a crush and hence injuring her. The produces have allegedly been very abusive to her.

Is Sue Aikens Leaving Life Below Zero?

With all these issues that have been facing Sue Aikens in the show, some of her fans have called her to quit the Life Below Zero.

However, it is not clear if Sue will quit the show because of there has been no official communication from now. But according to information that we have Sue is still on the show and maybe she just wants to set things straight with her producers before resuming on the screen.


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