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Pawn Stars Richard Harrison The old man

What happened to the old man on pawn stars? How did He died?

The old man is name referred to Richard Harrison who has appeared in several episodes of the show of the Pawn Stars. Recently, the Old Man had a stroke, and people in social media went crazy about it with some of them declaring his death. Many people upon getting the news took to the social media with the news, and some of them went to the extent of claiming his death. So let’s find out what happened to the old man from Pawn Star and how he died.

What Happened to Old Man? Why did he leave Pawn Star?

Richard Harrison, the Old Man, sometimes retired last year from the show of the Pawn Stars citing health issues. The old man has been medically unwell for some time now, and he had to quit the show to concentrate more on his health as it had become the concern of his family members.

His abrupt exit from the show created many speculations from the fans. Therefore when he was declared having suffered a stroke, some people took on the social media proclaiming him dead but it was just but a hoax (before 25th June 2018).

Pawn Stars Richard Harrison The old man

Caption:- Richard Harrison The old man’s Family

Source:- IbTimes

Who is the Old Man?

Richard Harrison aka the Old Man was born on 4th March 1941. He grew up in Lexington North Carolina. In his youth, he worked as a school bus driver before joining the US Navy where he was in service for 20 years.

His wife is a real estate business investor, and Richard assisted her with management immediately he left the forces.

In 1981, he and his son Rick Harrison started the Gold and Silver coin shop which is one of the largest enterprises in Las Vegas. The shop has been featured severally in the Pawn Stars.

Richard Harrison, the Old Man, posing for Picture

Richard Harrison, the Old Man, posing for Picture

Source:- Facebook

What Happened to The Old Man on Pawn Stars?

Well, since the death hoax of media personality and business mogul Richard Harrison, he has kept a low profile from the media, and his whereabouts remained classified.

He has kept a fairly quiet life away from media scrutiny. Richard Benjamin Harrison is still a much-loved character in the Pawn Stars, and his exit has created a vacuum in the show.

The Old Man From Pawnstar Died of Parkinson at 77 on 25th June 2018

The beloved character from the Pawn stars died of Parkison. His death rumors were going on long before his actual demise. His degrading health condition always created his death rumors. Now that he has gone for real, his fans will miss him and the “pawn stars” won’t be the same without him.


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