Jill Rhodes Bio: Daughter Merri Kelly Hannity, Net Worth of Sean hannity Wife.

Jill Rhodes is very popular and it’s because of her successful husband Sean Hannity. She is a very humble person and has helped different people during their times of need. She and Husband Sean Hannity has a daughter Merri Kelly Hanity. Continue to read more.

Jill Rhodes Married life as Sean Hannity’s wife and mother of two kids.

Sean Patrick Hannity is a political commentator, American radio and television host and an author. The couple first met in 1992 at WVNN radio in Huntsville, Alabama and began dating. A year later in 1992, they got married.


The romance between the two flourished when Sean pleaded Jill’s idea as she was a journalist for Huntsville. Furthermore, it was stated that Jill was impressed by Sean following his exchange of thoughts and voice mail messages.

The couple is blessed with two children, a daughter Merri Kelly Hannity and son Patrick Hannity.

Jill Rhodes with her son and daughter

Caption: Jill Rhodes with her son and daughter

Source: Daily Entertainment News

Is Jill Rhodes happily married? Or chances of divorce?

Sean and Jill Rhodes have been blissfully married for very long. Recently there have been rumors that it’s likely that their marriage won’t last for very long. This is because her husband Sean has been linked to other women including co-workers while still married to Jill. He has severally, stated that he is attracted to other women. This must have hurt her as a woman and it’s very humiliating for him to admit such things in public.

In one particular incidence, Sean shocked many as he was seen getting attracted to his male counterparts. This was when he was watching Magic Mike. He said that his mind cleared and he found himself mesmerized by Channing Tatum’s glistening chest. He added that the baby oil drew his attention to a single tear of sweat that slid down on the breast Tatum and dripped off his erect nipple like a leaky faucet and his pants just exploded.

He claimed that it made him happy and he wants to be happy all the time. This must have been awful in the ears of Jill Rhodes. We never know, but maybe time will come when she will need to get divorced if indeed the husband doesn’t stop hurting her.

Jill Rhodes with her husband Sean Hannity

Caption: Jill Rhodes with her husband Sean Hannity

Net worth

It’s not known whether until now Jill Rhodes still works as a journalist. Her husband has a net worth of approximately $55 Million. This makes her a beneficiary as they are legally married. The enormous net worth is from his work as a television host, and also an author. His salary is not known but he is highly paid.

Merri Kelly Hannity

Sean Hannity’s daughter Merri Kelly is the second child in their family. She was born in 2002 and enjoys playing tennis. In October 2016, she was in ninth grade and represented her team Cold Springs Harbor during the Nassau individual singles and doubles finals. She has great prowess and is confident when playing the game she loves.

Daughter of Jill Rhodes and Sean Hannity playing tennis as she is member of Cold Springs Harbor

Daughter of Jill Rhodes and Sean Hannity playing tennis as she is member of Cold Springs Harbor

Pictures of Merri Kelly Hannity:

From different sources, we have gathered some pictures of Merri Kelly Hannity playing Tennis in Cold Spring Harbor.

Jill Rhodes's daughter Kelly Hannity playing tennis in Cold Spring Harbor

Caption: Jill Rhodes’s daughter Kelly Hannity playing tennis

Kelly Hannity playing tennis with opponent team in Cold Spring Harbor

Caption: Kelly  playing tennis with opponent team

Merri Kelly Hannity playing tennis in Cold Spring Harbor

Caption: In ready position.

Sean Hannity's daughter Kelly Hannity playing tennis in Cold Spring Harbor

(Source: News Day)

Jill Rhodes Short bio:

Records on her date of birth, place of birth and even her parents are not provided. Her age cannot be determined either. But from the different picture, our speculation on her age is early 40’s. According to different sources, he is said to hold an American nationality but that is not certain, her ethnicity is unknown. She is a simple woman and is not on any social media platform.


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