April Bowlby Dead Or Just A Rumour? April Bowlby Age, Net Worth, Husband, Married Life

April Michelle Bowlby 37 years old American actress who was born on July 30, 1980, in Vallejo, California, USA. She later relocated to Manteca, California together with her family when she was still young. She is of North American ethnicity, and she is an American by nationality. April Bowlby was admitted to East Union High School and later enrolled at Moorpark College when she pursued French, ballet, and Marine Biology. That was before she later decided to change her mind and she pursued her acting career. Afterward, April studied drama together with Ivana Chubbuck and later got her first role as Kandi in Two and a Half Men in 2006-2015. April also landed another role as Stacy Barret in Drop Dead Diva 2009-2014. She now resides in Los Angeles, California and she is single and childless. However, she has highly concealed all information about her family and parents. Wait until you find the truth about April Bowlby’s death.

Who is April Bowlby? Her career info

April Bowlby is a renowned American actress who is distinguished for the roles that she has played in diverse TV shows. She debuted her career when she landed a role in the Crime Scene Investigation playing as Kaitlin Rackish. From then onwards, she has continued moving from glory to glory as she ascends higher and higher in her acting career. In fact, she is a leading and a stunning actress who has appeared on CBS comedy series, Two and a Half Men, and Drop Dead Diva.

Her roles have lasted for quite long and maintained her on the screens. It is her seriousness and commitment that have maintained and elevated her star to keep shining in the entertainment industry. April’s performance is quite impressive and outstanding. Her acting prowess is enhanced by her passion for what she does, unlike others who do it just as a career. Ever since she started acting, she has remained there throughout.

April Bowlby’s death just a rumor

Celebrities are always ready for what the day has for them. There have been many death hoaxes, and they usually target them. April is not an exemption, and this year she was a victim. That horrible news about her death was spread this week, and they highly irritated her fans.

It was later confirmed that they were fake news. Of late, there has been a wave that is sweeping across the celebrity world. Many celebrities have been falsely accused of dying. It was instigated by a Facebook page that said “R.I.P April Bowlby.” It caught the attention of many people and consequently got millions of likes.

Moreover, in the “About” page, there was a very convincing message that said that April died at 11 am on Thursday 6th December 2018. The message ended by calling the readers to action, by instructing them to show their condolences and sympathy, by liking and commenting on that page.

Immediately her fans started sending their condolences, by liking and commenting on that page. Many were caught in this hoax, but there are others who did not believe it. The ones who realized that that horrible news was fake refuted them.

They continued to say that if at all those news were true, it is the giant media houses which could have been the first to broadcast them, but not just a Facebook page. It was discovered that it is a major American network that was behind that hoax. The hoax was officially castigated on December 7, 2018, when her representatives said that she is well and full of life.

April Bowlby net worth, sources of income

April is a screen siren and her passion for the entertainment industry and her acting career; have enabled her to amass a considerable net worth. Apart from the TV above comedy and soaps, she has also been featured in other TV films.

Her entire TV show career has earned her quite a fortune, and she is worth $2 million. However, her salary has remained concealed. She squarely relies on acting as her main source of income.

Image of Actor, April Bowlby net worth is $2 million

Actor, April Bowlby net worth is $2 million

April Bowlby married to a husband and kids

April is single, and she has never been married, neither does she have children. However, she was rumored to be pregnant some years ago. April has done her best to maintain a clean record and to stay free from scandals. Both her personal and professional lives remain hidden because she leads a low profile life.

Image of April Bowlby is currently single

April Bowlby is currently single

April Bowlby wiki bio, age, birthdate, nationality, and ethnicity

April is active on social media: particularly on Instagram 45.1k fans and Twitter 37.2k fans. After graduating, she did not waste time before knowing what she wanted in life, and she pursued exactly that.

In 2009, she used to date her longtime boyfriend Josh Groban who is a musician. April is currently 37 years old, but she is an absolute stunner with nice features and amazing looks.

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