Capa Mooty Age, Wikipedia, Divorce, Net North of Troy Aikman’s wife.

Gone are the glory days when Troy Aikman, a retired NFL superstar used to make headlines. Nowadays, it’s not his work that makes it to tabloids and articles but rather, his relationship. Meet Capa Mooty, Troy Aikman’s wife. They share a few similarities like both having two kids from their previous relationships. If you would like to know more interesting facts like her age, divorce, and net worth, you are in the right place. After all, Troy Aikman wife Capa Mooty Wikipedia wouldn’t do you any good since her page is non-existent.

Who is Capa Mooty?

Mooty is an exceptional entrepreneur, businesswoman and fashion retailer with a Knick for investment. Many people often regard her as just the wife of a celebrity when in the real sense, she is an independent woman who makes her fortune.

Troy Aikman’s wife Capa Mooty for the longest time had always been a fashion enthusiast. So when the opportunity presented itself, she jumped ship and invested in the juncture. Currently, she is the fashion retailer and proud owner of a mobile boutique.

The name of the boutique is Luxiner and is famous across Dallas. It’s a mobile store giving the locals access to trending fashion designs in clothing as well as accessories. If we manage and review her pay scale, she isn’t doing too shabby. Other than her fashion enterprise, the businesswoman hasn’t let us in on anything going on in her life as a career is concerned.

Capa Mooty is a current wife of Troy Aikman. Their married life, kids.

On September 4th, 2017 Mooty became Mrs. Aikman in an outdoor wedding ceremony held in Montecito, California. Those in attendance were close friends and family only. We don’t know how the two met, but we do know that they were private about their whole affair.

Image of Capa Mooty with her husband Troy Aikman

Capa Mooty with her husband Troy Aikman

Before their engagement in June 3rd, 2017, Troy Aikman Capa Mooty had kept their dating status low-key even though they had dated for long. It was after all the excitement of a wedding proposal that Troy shared it with the world on his Instagram handle whereas, the bride to take to her Twitter page.

The engagement took place in Italy during one of their many vacations. You can find the picture on his Instagram account on when they visited Lake Como. Troy Aikman and wife Capa Mooty each share two kids from their previous relationships. Two of Troy Aikman daughters, Jordan Ashley and Alexa Marie while on Capa’s side, two sons named Luke and Val.

Capa Mooty’s divorce and previous married life.

The couple’s love for each other isn’t the only thing they share. For a while, they both yearned to find each other, but it took them a rough couple of patches to see each other. Capa was married to her former ex-husband, Jerry Mooty and shared the two boys. However, she called it quits with him in 2013.

On the other hand, Troy was also married to his former wife, Rhonda Worthey but divorced her in 2011. However, his case was a bit more trying since he dated women like Sandra Bullock, Lorrie Morgan, and Abigail Klein before he met her.

The reasons behind both their divorces have been a picture neither parties have offered to paint. They all want the matter private and kept off media attention.

Capa Mooty’s net worth

Assessing the returns the fashion designer gets from her mobile boutique can become quite a bit of a challenge. The same goes for her salary and the total worth of her assets. That said, the total net worth of Capa Mooty as of 2018 is currently under review.

Image of Capa Mooty net worth is not available

Capa Mooty net worth is not available

However, her husband’s net worth stands at $25 million. Considering his net worth at the time of stepping down from NFL was $7 million, this is a huge milestone. Nowadays, you can catch him on Fox as an NFL analyst and commentator.

Troy Aikman’s wife Capa Mooty’s Wikipedia bio, Age, birthdate, family, education.

Full Name Catherine Person
Age 48
Date of Birth October 13th, 1970
Place of Birth Dallas, Texas
Profession Fashion retailer
Net worth Under review
Husband Troy Aikman
Kids 2
Height Unknown
Weight Undisclosed
Zodiac sign Libra.


You may know her as Capa Mooty but did you know that’s not her real name? She was born as Cecile Catherine Person in Dallas, Texas on October 13th, 1970. Working out the difference should give you her age as 48 years old with her star sign as Libra.

In as much we would like to talk about her parents, education, and childhood, there is barely any information on this. To make matter’s worse, she doesn’t have a bio highlight in Wikipedia yet. Hopefully, the guys over there will do their work, and we’ll get to know more of her.

Being Troy Aikman’s wife certainly did a number on Capa Mooty. She is now a celebrity through her marriage and is on the verge of having her own Wikipedia page soon.

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