Chris Wallace Net Worth, Wife, Children, Age, Wiki-Bio.

The field of broadcast journalism has graced us with a number of remarkable journalists, but perhaps none more so celebrated than Chris Wallace. Engaging, outspoken, controversial, the man is a continuous source of entertainment.

His numerous awards can attest to that. In this article, we will seek to learn a little more about the Fox News anchor. We will examine Chris Wallace’s net worth, his salary and his age. Is he Chris Wallace married? What is his wife’s name? Do they have kids? These are but a few of the questions we will answer in order to gain a better understanding of the man.

Chris Wallace Net worth. Know his Salary.

Various reports suggest that Chris Wallace has a net worth of $12 million. The popular broadcaster has amassed a good chunk of his wealth from his several years in media, particularly as an anchor. Media personalities rank amongst the highest paid professionals. As such, it is not surprising to discover that Wallace earns $4 million a year from working with the Fox network.

Image of Newsreader, Chris Wallace net worth is $12 million

Newsreader, Chris Wallace net worth is $12 million

Career info that gave Chris Wallace $12 Million Net Worth.

The popular anchor’s first brush with broadcast journalism came while he was still at university, with the WHRB, the official Harvard Student radio channel. Wallace was an exceptional student, and this saw him earn a call up to the prestigious Yale University. Surprisingly, he turned down the opportunity to take a job with Boston Globe. From then on, Wallace enjoyed a brief stint with the CBS sometime in the early 70s.

In 1975, Chris moved to the NBC network as a correspondent with the WNBC-TV, based in New York. The renowned journalist stayed on at WNBC-TV for well over a decade, before moving to the network’s Washington office where he served as a political correspondent.

Image of Journalist, Chris Wallace

Journalist, Chris Wallace

The 80s marked perhaps his most notable stint in journalism as he worked as the chief White House Correspondent. A career highlight came when he once confronted then US president Ronald Reagan during a press briefing.

Before the turn of the 80s, Chris left the NBC for the ABC network, a move that saw him become the senior reporter for Primetime Thursday. He was also regularly brought on to host the Nighline program. Wallace stayed on the network for another fourteen years before moving on to the FOX network. This was perhaps the popular anchor’s most notable move. This remarkable opportunity gave rise to the Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace from 2003. His popularity has continued to rise steadily since then.

Some of his career highlights include a 2018 interview with Russian president Vladimir Putin, receiving the Paul White Award and also winning three Emmy Awards.

The popular journalist is, in fact, a married man. It would be prudent to note, however, that he has been married twice.

Chris Wallace’s Married life and divorce from ex-wife Elizabeth Farell. Meet Their Children.

His first wife’s name is Elizabeth Jane Farrell. She is the daughter of John E. Farrell of Rumford and Narragansett. Miss Farell was the director of Federal financing for the Boston Redevelopment Authority. The two tied the knot in 1973 at St. Margaret’s Roman Catholic Church and went on to have four children together: Catherine, Andrew, Peter, and Meghan.

Image of Chris Wallace with his kids

Chris Wallace with his kids

Chris Wallace is now married to current wife Lorraine Martin Smothers. Meet Their Children.

Wallace started dating Lorraine Smothers after his first marriage ended. Their relationship is rumored to have started while she was still married to her first husband, Dick Smothers. Lorraine had two children with Dick: Sarah and Remick Smothers.

Image of Chris Wallace with his wife Lorraine Martin Smothers

Chris Wallace with his wife Lorraine Martin Smothers

However, divorced him and went on to marry Chris in 1997.  The happy couple has been married for over twenty-one years now. Lorraine is a world renowned celebrity chef who specializes in making soup. She was born in 1959, which makes her 60 years old at the moment.

Chris Wallace Age, Parents, Family, Siblings, wiki-bio, facts.

Full name Christopher W. Wallace
Age 71 years old.
Date of Birth October 12, 1947
Place of Birth Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A
Profession Television Anchor, Political Correspondent
Net worth $ 12 million.
Wife Lorraine Martin Smothers
Kids 5
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Libra
Parents Norma Kaphan, Mike Wallace

Bill Leonard (stepfather)

 Christopher W. Wallace was born on the 12th of October, 1947, to parents Norma Kaphan and Mike Wallace in Chicago, Illinois. This makes the popular presenter 71 years old at the moment. Both of his parents are Jewish. Growing up, Chris did not have it easy. His parents divorced when he was just an infant, and he became estranged from his biological father for several years. His mother later remarried. It was, in fact, Chris’ stepfather Bill, who got him interested in Political Journalism.

Wallace went to Hotchkiss school, before attending the prestigious Harvard University. In turning down an offer to join Yale University, the popular anchor showed just how much he loved journalism. It was always his passion and something in which he strived to be the very best.


Controversial, explosive, unyielding, Chris Wallace remains one of the best journalists in the game. His exploits have seen him travel far and wide, conquering everything put before him.

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