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Dakota Fred from Gold Rush

“Dakota” Fred Hurt Wife, Net Worth, Age in Wiki-bio.

We all recognize the veteran miner Dakota Fred Hurt or as he is better known, Dakota Fred from the Discovery channel’s ‘Gold Rush’. In the show, you have tagged along with him and his team as they excavated in different rural places to find gold. But the show has come to a halt for some time now and the fans of the show have been really curious to where Dakota Fred Hurt is now. Well, we couldn’t just let that go so we have searched for all his recent updates to present it to you. He is back on Gold Rush. Know more about his net worth, wife, and age.

He is back on Gold Rush. Why did he leave Gold Rush anyway?

Fred Hurt leading the show ‘Gold Rush’ might not have been a very big hit but it was still doing okay and even had a lot of fans so why did it come to an end?

Well as fans speculate in to be a payment and money issue between the production and the miners. Later Fred confirmed that via Facebook on July 2015 about why he had left the show. He was classy enough not give intricate details and call out names but simply addressed himself as “not rich” despite the common belief.

Roasting Porcupine Creek Gold Coffee……Wouldn't a cup taste good right now? DakotaFred.com

Posted by Fred Hurt on Tuesday, March 25, 2014

He added to the false conceptions of him being over-demanding or “hard to work with” by revealing the reality as not going “with every cockamamy idea” that the filming crew had”. Finally, Fred Hurt ended his words with a rather witty and wise saying “If you want an Actor, pay me like one.”

The comments started flowing in while some attacked Dakota by telling him that he was being unreasonable about his payments. Others, however, took a stand with him.

He is a married man. More on Fred  Hurt’s Wife and Kids.

Well if you haven’t really heard about him after his ‘Gold Rush‘ then you must not know anything about his personal life. At one point in season 4 he had spoken about his ill wife, he was talking none other than his long-time wife Lorrayne Hunt.

He only got his wife back home from a long time nursing on Christmas Eve in 2013. Sadly his loving wife passed away on 2nd February 2015. According to Fred, she passed away due to illness as he posted a picture of her and shared the news with the world.

After a long illness, my wife Lorrayne has passed away, February 2, 2015. May she rest in peace.Lorrayne F. Hurt

Posted by Fred Hurt on Monday, February 2, 2015

But that is not all when it comes to Fred hurt’s married life. After he lost his longtime wife, Fred was helped a lot by a good friend, executive assistant and cook for his crew Jennifer Sheets.

So after a long year of losing his wife, he was remarried to Jennifer on July 30, 2016. He does not have any kids except Dustin Hurt, his eldest son you may recognize from the show.

Fred Hurt Net Worth

So now you know about Dakota Fred’s Business and career. Now you might be wondering how much is Dakota Fred Net Worth?

Well, to be honest, he hasn’t revealed that info himself, but different sources claim his Net Worth is $200,00. His income is mainly generated from the TV show and gold mining.

Biography, age, and Wiki Info

Fred Hurt seems to be done with the limelight now as he has not appeared in any other shows but still continues to mine for gold. He continuously posts about his work and life on Facebook for his fans to know about. Other than that there is very little known about his wiki-bio basics so we are not even aware of his age or net worth.

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