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Elizabeth Ann Weber: Facts About Billy Joel’s First Wife

Elizabeth Ann Weber is famous as the first wife of Billy Joel, who is a legendary American singer-songwriter, pianist, and composer commonly known by his nickname, Piano Man. Though he shares a prosperous professional career, his personal life has many ups and downs.

It won’t be wrong to claim that Billy has no luck with women because he is now divorced thrice and married four times. Today, we will be discussing Billy Joel’s first wife, Elizabeth Ann Weber, who has maintained a private life after divorcing her former husband.

Billy Joel Is Not Elizabeth Ann Weber’s First Husband

Billy and Elizabeth first met in 1970 through his friend and bandmate Jon Small, who is her husband. Not only Elizabeth and Jon were married, but they also shared a child, son Sean, together.

It won’t be wrong to claim that Elizabeth cheated on her first husband and had an affair with Billy. During the time, Billy was madly in love with Elizabeth and even wrote numerous romantic songs for her.

Many suggested Billy to leave the girl, but he could not help himself. He wrote, “She’s always a woman” as a response to the people who told him that Elizabeth was trouble.

Billy’s Suicidal Attempts After His Friend Discovered Their Relationship

When Elizabeth’s former husband and Billy’s friend, Jon, discovered their affair, he left them and went missing for weeks. This haunted Billy, and he even became suicidal. During the time, he was 21 years old broke, loveless, and friendless man, and the feeling nearly got him drowned.

Not long after Elizabeth took off, Billy overdosed on Nembutal. He then called his pal, Jon, to apologize. When Jon arrived at Billy’s home, he was lying on the floor. Speaking with Schruers, he mentioned that the next thing he remembers was waking up to the hospital.

Billy again tried to kill himself by drinking furniture polish, a week after the first incident. One of his family members found him, and this time, he checked himself into the mental hospital. He stayed there for around three years.

Elizabeth And Billy Got Married In 1973

After many ups and downs in Billy’s life, he finally got back with Elizabeth. Sources reported that Elizabeth had business sense and even agreed to manage his professional career and other kinds of stuff.

Image of Elizabeth Ann Weber And Billy Joel Were In A Hell Belly Marriage

Elizabeth Ann Weber And Billy Joel Were In A Hell Belly Marriage

After dating for a short time, Elizabeth and Billy tied the knot in September 1973. He even wrote “Just The Way You Are” as her birthday gift. He was madly in love with her.

Trouble In The Paradise

But soon after exchanging the wedding vows in 1973, many people found Weber controlling, rude, manipulative, and attracted towards rock n’ roll lifestyle more than Billy’s.

When Billy wrote “Just The Way You Are,” Elizabeth asked if she gets the publishing too, and she was not kidding.

Image of Elizabeth Was More Of Billy's Business Partner Than Wife

Elizabeth Was More Of Billy’s Business Partner Than Wife

Being Billy’s wife, Elizabeth, asked for 50% of his worth. She also gathered a hefty amount of money being his manager. She even brought her brother, Frank, into the business, which was a bit of a hard pill to swallow for Billy.

Elizabeth And Billy Filed For Divorce In 1982

Just after around nine years of enjoying conjugal life, Billy and Elizabeth filed for divorce, but Billy was trying to reconcile. To save their relationship from drowning, Billy even agreed to buy her everything she wanted, like a $4 million mansion on the Upper East Side.

Elizabeth’s Tough Side; Criticized By Many

When Billy tried to save his relationship and even promised to buy everything Elizabeth wanted, unfortunately, he had a motorcycle accident. He smashed both of his hands in the crash.

When Billy was admitted to the hospital, Elizabeth came to visit him with a contract on her hand. She asked Billy to sign everything he had over to her.

Speaking with Schruers, Billy admitted that he got killed right at the moment. He never thought that someone who he loved dearly would be treating him the worst when he needs them the most.

Divorce Settlements And Bankruptcy

Elizabeth’s brother Frank Weber sided with Billy during the divorce. A couple of years later, Billy discovered Frank siphoning around $30 million from his earnings. In 1989 Joel then sued him for $60 million punitive damages.

Frank then filed for bankruptcy; however, Billy settled the case out of court in 1990.

Elizabeth Ann Weber’s Former Husband Has Moved On

After divorcing Elizabeth, Billy got married thrice. He then married Christie Brinkley in 1985 but separated in 1994. He later tied the knot with third wife Katie Lee in 2004. Six years later, they divorced in 2010.

Image of Billy's All Failed Marriages, And Wives In A Single Frame

Billy’s All Failed Marriages, And Wives In A Single Frame

As of now, Billy enjoys a healthy marital life with his fourth wife, Alexis Roderick. They exchanged wedding vows in 2015.

Image of Billy Joel And His Current Wife Alexis Roderick

Billy Joel And His Current Wife, Alexis Roderick

On the other hand, Elizabeth maintains a low-key profile and has barely appeared in the media after divorcing Billy.

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