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Hannah Ferrier from “Below Deck” Wiki, Net Worth, Age and facts

The reality star, Hannah Ferrier is a chief yacht stewardess and Aussie born television personality. Fans got the chance to familiarize themselves with the Australian sailor after she started featuring on the popular reality show, Below Deck. The series is sponsored by Bravo TV and has aired four seasons at the time of writing. Some of Hannah’s other crewmates include the likes of Sandy Yawn and João Franco.

Hannah’s extensive career background includes a stint at the prestigious Mediterranean Yacht tours. Remarkably, this is a position she held for over four years. Get your fill of information regarding Hannah Ferrier’s net worth and impressive Wikipedia facts.

Who is Hannah Ferrier?

Hannah Ferrier is a boat stewardess who hails from Sydney. Through sheer will and consistency, she rose to become a chief stewardess. Her role necessitates that one should be adept at handling maintenance and hospitality. It may extend to some other form of general services. A chief stewardess also requires adequate knowledge in everything related to wine. These skills enabled Hannah to offer her guests unforgettable experiences while aboard her yacht.

How was Hannah Ferrier’s Career Started?

Hannah worked in the service industry, serving as a waitress before she went on to start her life at sea. It was not her calling, however, as the sea was something that always called to her. This was a career that Hannah did not find exciting. It was a necessity, something she required to survive and get by in life. As soon as the Australian stewardess got the opportunity to jump ship, and explore another field, she did.

To this effect, she shifted to IT and communications. Hannah operated in the company’s sales branch. As the years progressed, she dug in deep, working hard and eventually found herself working as a manager at one of the branches. Nearly a decade on and Hannah Ferrier finally answered the call of the sea. After years of dreaming about venturing on to water and sailing across the endless wave of blue, she earned a job on a boat that voyaged along the Mediterranean waters.

Life of Hannah Ferrier at sea

Pursuing a life-long dream was the best decision she had ever made. The stewardess voyaged in the waters for several years before she went on in search of greener pastures in America. This was on the Atlantic, aboard a different yacht. However, life in the states was not the same. Only a short time into the move and Hannah opted to move back. She had made a life for herself in Europe, and she missed the quiet and calm that it offered.

Image of Below Deck Mediterranean cast Hannah Ferrier

Below Deck Mediterranean’s cast, Hannah Ferrier

Coming back to the Mediterranean sea ended up being one of the best decisions she had ever made. A few months back home and Bravo TV got in contact with her. The producers were desperate to work with Hannah on Below Deck. The news hardly surprised those familiar with her work, as she brought a certain amount of charm and experience to the series. The 3rd of May 2016 marked the series’ first foray into television.

It went on to register about 63 episodes and four seasons to date.

Hannah Ferrier’s net worth from Below Deck

It is reported that Hannah Ferrier makes $75K per year for her time with the Bravo TV’s Below Deck. As it stands, Hannah has appeared on four seasons in total. The Chief Stewardess is one of the main stars on the show. Sources say that Hannah Ferrier has an estimated net worth of $ 500,000.

Hannah also previously worked in IT, which was a lucrative career path, especially since she managed one of the branches. Our research was not able to pinpoint exactly how much she earned in regards to income, but we are quite sure it was substantial. It was one of the things that helped her build her net worth to what it is now.

Hannah Ferrier’s Relationship History

The Chief Stewardess has not walked down the aisle yet. However, if the rumors making rounds are to be believed, she is presently linked to a man named Isaac Humphries. Isaac is a renowned pro basketball athlete back in Australia. A lot of people might not know him since he doesn’t play in the NBA. He is, however, popular back in his home country.

Image of Hannah Ferrier with her boyfriend Isaac Humphries

Hannah Ferrier with her boyfriend, Isaac Humphries

Their relationship has been ongoing since 2018. Judging by the pictures we see on social media, the two are quite happy. They regularly gush about each other on their pages. Hannah, for instance, is very popular on Instagram, where she boasts over 100K followers.

Even though Hannah and her boyfriend are not married as of early 2020, we are quite positive that their relationship is on the right track. Who knows, it might only be a matter of time before they are exchanging vows.

Hannah Ferrier Age

The chief stewardess, Hannah Ferrier, was born in the year 1986. This would make her 33 years old as her birthday falls on November 23rd. The chief stewardess will turn 34 later this year.

Hannah Ferrier Measurements, Height and Weight

The reality star, Hannah Ferrier, is 5 feet 6 inches tall, so definitely above average in regards to height. This is 1.67 meters for those who use the alternative measuring system. The chief stewardess is said to weigh 55 kilograms/121 pounds. Her measurements are 34-28-35.

Hannah Ferrier’s Wiki Facts

Full name Hannah Ferrier.
Age 33 years old.
Date of Birth 23rd of November 1986.
Place of Birth Sydney, Australia.
Profession Stewardess on a Yacht, Reality Television Star.
Net worth 500,000 dollars.
Boyfriend Isaac Humphries.
Kids N/A
Nationality Australian.
Ethnicity Caucasian.
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Parents Not Known.


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