Laura Giaritta Wikipedia-Bio, Age, Net Worth of Vanilla Ice’s Wife.

Very often love turns into hate and Laura Giaritta is feeling the burn right now when all she wants is the icing to her cake. The one she worked so hard to build several years ago with her estranged husband, Vanilla Ice. Many know him as a famous rapper and TV star but how many know of Vanilla Ice’s wife? Lucky for you this article summarizes everything you need to know about her from Vanilla Ice wife Laura Giaritta Wiki-bio, age and net worth to her recent ongoing divorce battle.

Who is Laura Giaritta?

Vanilla Ice wife Laura Giaritta gained celebrity status through her relationship and marriage to Vanilla Ice. However, that status may soon go away once her divorce is finalized and she will no longer be his wife anymore. Either way, it’s something she has yearned for quite a long time but still hasn’t gotten it. So let’s back up a bit and go back to the beginning of their story together.

Laura Giaritta is Vanilla Ice’s wife, Know their married life.

While the rest of America celebrates Independence day on the 4th of July, the day marked their first meet. The year was 1995, and the rapper was going through a rough patch in his life. A year before their encounter, he had attempted suicide through drug overdose and failed.

Image of Laura Giaritta with her husband Vanilla Ice

Laura Giaritta with her husband, Vanilla Ice

His career was dwindling as well as his relationship. Ice had just broken up with his previous girlfriend whom he loved so much to the extent of getting a tattoo of her. So when he met Laura who was 24 at the time, she offered him comfort, peace and much greater love than the one he lost.

Two years later, the couple exchanged their marriage vows on March 30th, 1997 with their family and friends in attendance. Their love grew into something huge and soon after outgrew itself. It turned into a series of domestic violence, physical abuse, and even separation for a couple of years before resulting in a divorce. More on that later.

Vanilla Ice and wife Laura Giaritta have two daughters together.

In the midst of all the chaos and drama that ensued from their married life, came a glimpse of hope in the name of kids. A year after their marriage in 1997 came the birth of their firstborn daughter named Dusti Rain.

A few years later, they reenacted their love and brought forth another bundle of joy in 2000 named KeeLee Breeze. The eldest is currently of legal drinking age by American standards and pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Full Sail University.

Image of Laura Giaritta two daughters

Laura Giaritta two daughters

She specializes in Entertainment business, and unlike her parent’s onslaught relationship, hers is doing fine since June 20th this year as per Facebook reports. On the other hand, her younger sibling became a legal adult by turning 18 this year.

You’d think the kids would be distracted seeing their parents fighting. However, sources close to the family reveal that even they are tired and can’t wait for the divorce to be finalized.

Vanilla Ice and Wife Laura Giaritta Divorced

For a long time, Vanilla Ice’s wife wanted to drop that title, but she was too afraid to do it. It all started after the birth of Vanilla Ice and Laura Giaritta second daughter when he stopped being supportive. According to the mother of two, she did all the nurturing of her daughters by herself.

Then came the series of physical abuse in 2001 on Laura’s part. The judge ordered both of them to seek out family therapy, and so she stayed. However, then came a repeat of the same in 2004 and 2008 but still, that wasn’t enough for her to walk out of the marriage.

They separated in 2011 and even stopped living together for about five years until she got the guts to put her foot down. In 2016 during her 46th birthday, she treated herself to getting rid of her husband’s baggage by issuing him with a divorce. However, it was not easy getting it since Laura’s terms were ridiculous according to the rapper.

The divorce dragged on for quite some time with neither parties refusing to reach a consensus. There were even allegations that Laura had cheated on him with a cast member of from his television series, The Vanilla Ice Project. She, however, disputed these claims.

She accused Vanilla Ice of hiding Millions worth of property.

Vanilla Ice’s wife wanted full custody of the kids and spousal support since she raised the kids all by herself. On the other hand, the rapper wanted 50-50 care and didn’t want to part with any of his fortunes.

Then came 2018 when the divorce battle heated up to a point where Giaritta had to file an injunction against him. According to her, Vanilla had sold and transferred some of his assets to his own company, Van Rap LTD.  Laura Giaritta even went on to accuse him of not filing all the pay stubs which showed all the tax deductions and earnings in the divorce.

He not only hid part of the pre-divorce support payments from her but also close to $3 million of liquid cash. His total assets, houses, cars, boats, and rentals all total up to $5,109,328. Their divorce will be finalized sometime in February after much scrutiny of all these records.

Her Net Worth, family, and other info.

Full Name Laura Giaritta
Age 47
Date of Birth October 18th, 1971
Place of Birth USA
Profession Proprietor
Net worth Unknown
Husband Vanilla Ice
Kids 2
Height Unknown
Weight Undisclosed
Zodiac sign Libra

Giaritta was born somewhere in the United States of America on October 18th, 1971. Although she is now 47 years of age, she has an older sister named Renee Giaritta. Both sisters got raised under the parentage of Thomas and Elaine Giaritta.

We may not know Laura’s net worth since she has not revealed it yet, but we do know she is the proprietor of an Extreme Sports store. On other hands, Vanilla Ice’s net worth is $18 Million. Back when Vanilla was supportive, he helped her set it up. Moreover, she now gets $10,000 monthly as spousal support and got paid $110,000 that was due.

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