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Life Below Zero Erik Salitan

Erik Salitan and Wife Martha Mae Salitan Married Life, Net worth, and Bio

Erik Salitan is a 29-year-old man who lives his life just a little bit out of the ordinary. He is best known for his role in the documentary TV series Life Below Zero where he lived out his “ordinary” life along with his dear wife, Martha Mae Salitan.

Erik Salitan Married Life and wife Mae Salitan

Erik Salitan and Martha Mae Salitan met when he moved to Alaska, and as time went, they became connected with each other. They have been married for a long time now, and they are proud parents of a son, Lucas Salitan. They have enrolled Lucas into Wood River Elementary. Erik Salitan is still doing pretty good amount of adventure with his family.

Beautiful Couple: Martha Mae Salitan and her Life Below Zero husband Erik Salitan

Erik Salitan with his wife Martha Mae Salitan

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What Happened To Erik In Life Below Zero? Why Did He Leave The Show?

This is mystery unsolved – since the beginning of the Documentary show “Life Below Zero”, Erik Salitan has shown the reality and the harshness of nature, and many techniques to tackle with them. But in the middle of the shows, he disappears from the viewers without any prior reason or anything. There was some baseless rumors but wasn’t any clarification of what happened. However, he returned to the later shows along with his wife, Martha and the audience was really happy to see him again!

Erik and Martha Salitan’s Net Worth

The couple have been working hard outside of the TV show too. They have a very popular guide service called “Bushwhack Alaska Guiding and Outfitting” along with a Fishing and wildlife watching lodge called “Talarik Creek Lodge”. Erik and Martha’s estimated net worth is approx. 400,000.00 USD including their property value.

Erik Salitan – Bio

Since the beginning of his adulthood, Erik Roberts Salitan has lived in Alaska and moved to nowhere else. He is a registered guide who has 16 years of guide experience. He is also an expert pilot. This Life below zero star attended several schools including the University of Alaska Fairbanks and he owns a degree in Natural Resources Conservation. He is a member some hunting and conservation groups including the Alaska Professional Hunters Association, and the Northwest Sportsman Club. His long experience, guiding skills and Knowledge about Alaska gives him and his clients a genuine Alaskan experience.

Martha Salitan – Bio

Martha Mae Salitan is a by born Alaskan. She was born and raised in Iliamna. Because of working with her parents from her childhood, Martha is an experienced sports fishing operator. Martha Salitan has great knowledge about Alaska and its nature, including the lakes, their tributaries, and valuables. Martha got married to Erik and starred in the Documentary Show “Life Below Zero” along with his return. Now Martha Mae is a caring mother who is looking after her son and her husband, along with maintaining everything in their own lodge. She is considered the all-rounder of the Talarik Creek Lodge where she cooks delicious meals, looking after her guests, and organizing all the guides.


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