Malcolm Washington: Bio, Age, Family, Career, everything about Denzel Washington’s son.

Born to celebrity parents, actor Denzel Washington and Pauletta Washington; Malcolm played basketball for his University while he studied and he also said that his family traveled across countries just to see him play and this makes him a very satisfied guy. There have been instances where he has openly admitted about his love towards his family and how much it means to him.

With his amazing height, this guy has been one of the most handsome basketball players of the University of Pennsylvania. Though he is the son of two equally famous stars, the by seems to be grounded at all times this shows how he has been raised by his parents. Malcolm has a twin sister named Olivia and apart from her, he has two other siblings as well.


Malcolm graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in the year 2013. He completed his lower education from a private school in Los Angeles and he ensured to maintain a low profile, however, in the University of Pennsylvania, it was very difficult for him to hide his identity.

It was known to all that he was the son of Denzel and Pauletta Washington, who has always been the talk of H-town almost all the times. Though his friends and the entire university knew about it, he remained simple and looks like that’s why a lot of people from his college like him for.

Malcolm Washington’s parents and siblings?

Who does not know who Malcolm Washington’s parents are? No matter how much ever simple he wanted to be, it is true that he is born to Denzel Washington and Pauletta Washington and no one can change the truth. He also has a twin sister called Olivia Washington and he also has two other siblings called John David Washington and a sister called Katia Washington.

Malcolm Washington's father and mother

Caption: Malcolm Washington’s father Denzel Washington mother Pauletta Washington

Source: Daily Mail

David, the eldest sibling of Malcolm is also an actor and before starting his career as an actor he played football as a running back for his university in Morehouse but looks like the lady luck was not on his side; he started his career in acting after his four years of football life.

Olivia Washington is a graduate of NYU and looks like the other sister Katia is busy with her own life and she also seems to be interested in acting. However, she has not risen to so much of fame like her parents or David.

Denzel's family on vacations

Caption: Washington’s family on vacation: Pauletta Washington (Left), Malcolm Washington (Right) and his one of twin sibling

Source: Zimbio

However, the entire family is completely supportive of each other and no wonder Malcolm is fond of them, isn’t it?

His basketball career?

Malcolm played for his university in Pennsylvania and he is one of the best players and he has played alongside Anthony Stover and Darius Morris who are now part of UCLA. He has also played for Windward.  Looks like he is one of the best defensive players and he has been best at what he does.  Isn’t that great to be one of the shining basketball players?

Malcolm Washington playing basketball

Caption: Denzel Washington’s son Malcolm Washington, one of the best basketball player

Source: Max Preps

Malcolm’s dating and relationship history?

This boy seems to be very career oriented and we guess he wants to keep his personal life very private and away from rumors. There has been no noise about Malcolm dating or having a relationship with anybody as yet, let’s wait and watch who this 26-year-old charming sports person will give in for.  He has also directed a short film after he stopped playing basketball. Looks like his life of basketball ended up right after college. There are no other details about this gentleman because he loves to maintain a low-profile of his identity, isn’t it?

Malcolm Washington’s age, height, measurements?

The Los Angeles-born handsome Malcolm is known to have an amazing personality. He has a height of 5 foot 9 inches and weighs around 165 pounds and that seems to be perfect for a sports person like him to maintain, right?

Personal info of Malcolm Washington

Born in Los Angeles to Denzel and Pauletta Washington, the 26-year-old basketball player, Malcolm has three other siblings. Known for his simplicity, this handsome hunk has never attracted any unwanted attention right from his early life and this is for sure to take to heights.

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