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Street outlaws Farmtruck

Street Outlaws Farmtruck wiki-bio: His New Motor, Wife & Married life.

When it comes to cars, greatness does not always come from driving grand imported million dollar automobiles like Ferrari and Lamborghini but also some common cars with outstanding motors. The badass drivers from ‘Street Outlaws’ prove that on a daily basis when they race their favorite cars which are not all branded Sports car. Today we are about to reveal to you about Farmtruck’s Net worth, married life, and wife in wiki type biography. Also, have a look at his motor.

Among all the wild card cars, the oddball among oddballs is Chevy Long Bed Truck driven by Sean “Farmtruck” Whitley and Jeff “AZN” Bonnett. Sean “Farmtruck” Whitley does not just have a unique and great taste in cars though. He has an equally incredibly unique life on other matters as well. Learn about his life from his married status, wife to his net worth and salary. Also get know about his bios like his Age, Wiki, and other Facts.

Street Outlaws FarmTruck is Married to a wife. He definitely isn’t a gay.

You would think that the energetic red-blooded American would already be down to get married. Maybe he already is married we are not sure. A lot is lacking about the personal information over the internet and press. So we are unaware of his married life, but there have been no reports of his wife so far. So if Farmtruck is married that he does a really good job at keeping his wife a secret.

So for those people speculating if Farmtruck is gay and in a relationship with co-worker AZN, you got your answer, he sure isn’t gay. Their relationship is strictly professional in the show “Street Outlaws”.

Net worth, Salary, and Motor

It goes without saying that Farmtruck is somewhat of a minor celebrity and his show ‘Street Outlaws’ is about cars which means that he works in a really expensive business.

Farmtruck with Street Outlaws cast working in garage

Farmtruck from Street Outlaws working with other cast members

Source: Facebook

So while we are unable to estimate the exact net worth of the Farmtruck, we can guess it to be quite a lot 6 digits at least maybe even million dollars. ‘networthmag.com’ estimates his net worth to be around 2 million dollars total.

His such high net worth must come from his equally high salary that we have not calculated yet. His winning streaks or rate in the show also matter and you would not believe the number of races he and partner AZN have won with their unorthodox vehicle Chevy Truck vehicle with a camper shell full of dents. His chances have grown after upgrading his 1970 Chevy with a 632 big block Chevy motor.

Wiki, Bio, Age, and Facts

There is a lot missing from his personal information, so we really don’t have a lot on his bio, wiki and other related facts. Some of his career and vehicle related interesting facts are present.

Like the car, he learned driving was in his mom’s four-door 1974 Dodge Dart. He also used to drive his dad’s 73′ Ford Pickup. He loved his dad’s truck after having great memories of it in his childhood.

Street Outlaws Farmtruck putting both hand in the pockets

Street Outlaws Farmtruck new cars

Source: Facebook

Likewise, he brought his first car also as a truck 1970 Ford Camper Special. This is what turned him into taking a truck to a street race and winning for that matter. His competition’s underestimation gives him an edge in the races.

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