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Image of Sybil Wilkes Net Worth, Salary, Age, Married, Husband, Wikipedia, Bio

Sybil Wilkes Net Worth, Salary, Age, Married, Husband, Wikipedia, Bio

Sybil Wilkes can best be affiliated with her work on the Tom Joyner Morning Show. It’s a nationally syndicated radio talk show that gives its takes on contemporary issues with the help of three other hosts. However, for the extent of this article, we shall focus on Sybil Wilkes’ net worth and salary. Meet her Husband.

Her Career info.

One thing is for sure is that you won’t find info on her around any Wikipedia page. Instead, there are patches of data spread across different sources that sum up her career.

Most people only know Sybil as one of the co-hosts on The Tom Joyner Show and are entirely oblivious to any of her previous works

The radio host is one of the pioneers of the show alongside Tom Joyner and J. Anthony Brown until his departure in 2016. She formed part of the trio in 1994 when it got released and stuck around to rack up its listeners.

Image of Sybil Wilkes from The Tom Joyner Show

Sybil Wilkes from The Tom Joyner Show

However, Wilkes’ career goes way back into the mid-’80s when she first worked as a production assistant at WKQX-FM. Her role later got reprived in other different stations including WRCC-FM in Florida, WCKZ-FM in North Carolina and WINK-AM/FM in Florida.

The radio personality also tinkered with a bit of reporting work for Chicago’s Shadow Traffic Network in 1990.

She later met the man who was to become her partner and boss when she worked for Tom Joyner at WGCI-FM. It’s right after this that she formed the trio on The Tom Joyner Show.

Sybil Wilkes Net worth.

Aside from having a full-on career as a radio personality, Sybil has had other hustles that make up her career. These include her career as an actress on movies like Madea Goes to Jail and the Tom Joyner Sky Show.

That said, Sybil Wilkes net worth is $1.2 million as per online sources. Sybil Wilkes’ salary is about $90,000 per year.

The actress hosted and interviewed former US Presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Senator John Edwards in some of her segments.

Image of Radio Personality, Sybil Wilkes net worth is $1.2 million

Radio Personality, Sybil Wilkes net worth is $1.2 million

As an avid influencer, she also started a book club in her name in 1996. It has featured novelists, authors and tons of live book signing events.

However, most her net worth can best be linked to The Tom Joyner Morning Show which is why it came as a shock to everyone when she announced on September 24th about her departure.

Sybil Wilkes married to a husband? Or Dating a boyfriend?

News of Wilkes love life has always evaded her fans. Even her social media profiles never have much to disclose on her heart affairs. So you can only imagine the kind of buzz she got when a photo of her in a compromising engagement situation made its rounds on Instagram

Inquisitive fans wanted to know who the mystery man was but sadly never got their fill in satisfaction. It could as well been a joke for all we know. That said, as of current records, there is nothing on Sybil Wilkes husband’s existence nor her kids.

Sybil Wilkes, Age, Family, Birthdate, Wiki-Bio.

Full name Sybil Wilkes
Age Unknown
Date of Birth Undisclosed
Place of Birth Chicago, Illinois
Profession Radio personality, actress
Net worth $1.2 million
Husband Unknown
Kids None
Height Undisclosed
Weight Not known
Zodiac Sign Undisclosed

Some celebrities love attention, but if it’s not professional or work-related, Wilkes won’t be a part of it. That’s why there is no information regarding her early life, parents, and birthdate which means it’s impossible to derive her exact age.

Nevertheless, even though she currently resides in Dallas, Texas, we do know that she is a Chicago native having been born and raised there.

Some obtained an honorary Doctorate Degree from Bennett College in Greensboro, NC later on life. Some of her interests include Photography, Politics and Sports on a few occasions as depicted from her Instagram.


Sybil Wilkes is one of those celebrities who fly under the radar. Not only has her career built up her net worth but has also impacted very many lives which is worthy of Wikipedia page.

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