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Tamara Day Age, Husband, Net Worth, Wikipedia, Bio, Family

Tamara day is a bona fide home renovator and expert designer presently on the DIY Network. You can also catch up with her on HGTV’s Bargain Mansions where she showcases most of her talent. Even though the network calls most of the shots, she has her very own dad as a supervisor who oversees most of the work. Rather than highlighting on just her father, we expounded and included her whole family with details on her husband, kids, bio, career, and overall net worth in Tamara Day’s Wikipedia type biography.

Bargain Mansion Tamara Day Married to a husband Billy Day and Have Four Kids: (3 Sons and a last born daughter).

If you pay close attention to the show, you’ll notice a tall stud of a guy with his arms ever folded most of the time hovering around Tamara. That’s her husband, Bill whom she got married to in the year 2001 after a long courtship and dating period of course.

How Bargain Mansion Tamara Day and husband Billy Day met and came to love each other is a story they hold dear and personal. However, the TV star doesn’t shy away from revealing that Bill is also somewhat of a home renovator. It’s that kind of charm that draws them nearer to each other even though he specializes in an entirely different sector – finance.

Image of Tamara Day's with her husband Bill Day and their kids

Tamara Day’s with her husband Bill Day and their kids

Together, the couple sprouts four beautiful children; three sons and their last born daughter named Nora born in 2013. Straight off the boat, you will notice that all the kids take after their mother with their blonde hair, unlike their dad who has darker hair. Nevertheless, it’s a family full of love and support, no matter their differences.

Tamara Day Net Worth.

The TV star gets her fair share of salary from both networks for her significant role in hosting Bargain Mansions. However, the actual figure is kept under a tight seal that even we couldn’t get to. As a result, it’s challenging to obtain Tamara Day’s net worth value, and therefore it remains a topic of much discussion.

Image of TV Star, Tamara Day's net worth is not available

TV Star, Tamara Day’s net worth is not available

It’s been over a year since Tamara Day started cashing in her pay cheques from both networks since the show’s debut in 2017. However, let it be known that her career as a house renovator and designer backdates to even before she met her husband.

With the help of her home improvement team; speared headed by her dad, they bought old houses, remodeled them and flipped them for profits. Even though it was strenuous with some of the homes irredeemable, Tamara managed to sell every one of them.

Image of House Renovator, Tamara Day's

House Renovator, Tamara Day’s

Together with her husband, the couple pulled funds to buy over a dozen houses while living in St. Louis area. By the time they moved to Kansas, they were well off, bought a mansion and renovated it for permanent residency. Bargain Mansion Tamar Day’s net worth can, therefore, be summed up through the houses she’s flipped.

Bargain Mansion Tamara Day Age: How old is Tamara Day? Her birthdate

One of the TV star’s many talents is telling how old a house is before she buys it. However, when it comes to spilling the beans on her age, she usually stays clear of the topic. There is no information currently out there on Tamara’s date of birth making her age impossible to calculate.

Tamara Day Wiki-Bio, Family

Full name Tamara Day
Age Unknown
Date of Birth Undisclosed
Place of Birth The United States of America
Profession Home designer, renovator, and reality TV star
Net worth Unknown
Husband Bill Day
Kids 4
Height Undisclosed
Weight Unknown
Zodiac Sign Unknown

The mother of four comes from a long line of home builders. Her father, Ward Schraeder and his father before him all believed in the power of getting things done themselves. As such, they instilled the same culture generation to generation up to Tamara and her three siblings.

Image of Tamara Day's with her father Ward Schraeder

Tamara Day’s with her father, Ward Schraeder

Kansas also plays a huge part in that it has been the TV star’s home ground ever since she was a little girl. Tamara Day shares a strong bond with her mother, Trish and even a stronger bond with her father who she co-stars with on the series. Family means a great deal to Tamara Day, and the thought of constructing a home to create one for other people is her greatest muse.


Tamara Day is a great inspiration to many by balancing her career, motherhood, and wifely duties. We are currently working on establishing more information on her net worth, age and husband’s job.

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