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Todd Hoffman

Todd Hoffman Wiki-Bio: Net Worth, salary, married, wife Shawana Hoffman.

Let’s take a sneak peek at Todd Hoffman. See, he was like any other man, but his appearance on Gold Rush turned his life around. Gold Rush is a reality TV show that aired on Discovery. It is amazing how making an appearance on TV can turn one’s life around. Want to know more about the Gold Rush miner? Read on as I will be telling you finer details about this American national. We will have a look at his age, his career, his net worth and his family life. This article brings you all you need to know about him.

Gold Rush Todd Hoffman Net Worth

As already mentioned, his appearance on reality TV changed his life in a big way. It raised his monthly income which has, in turn, improved his net worth over time. Owing to his success, he is now the proud owner of ‘Gold Standard TV,’ which is a huge production company.

Besides the reality shows, Todd also makes an income from his gold mining escapades and the production company. His assets and income were valued at over $400,000 last year, i.e. the year 2016. Before creating the reality show, he was running an aviation business that was not doing too well.

Todd Hoffman's net worth is $400,000

Todd Hoffman’s net worth is $400,000

What Is His Salary Per Episode?

According to ‘The Net Worth,’ the Gold Rush show makes approximately $100,000 from each episode. This leaves each member in the cast with around $10,000 per episode.

This translates to at least $200,000 yearly income for each member. So, exactly how much does Todd Hoffman have in his net worth from each episode?

Todd takes home approximately $25,000 from each episode. This totals to $500,000 as his annual income from the reality show alone.

Reality Television Series 'Gold Rush' cast salaries

Reality Television Series ‘Gold Rush’ star Todd Hoffman salary per episode is huge

Source: Inquisitr

He Is Married To A Wife Shawna Hoffman. The couple has 2 Children.

So is Todd married? Well, yes. Mr. Hoffman is married to Shawna Hoffman. Though he prefers that his family stays away from the limelight, the couple has been married for over twenty years.

Todd Hoffman with his wife Shawna Hoffman clicking selfie together

Todd Hoffman and Shawna Hoffman are married since 1997

Todd and his wife have a son known as Hunter who also features in the reality show. They also have a girl whom they named Hudson.

Todd Hoffman with his daughter

Todd Hoffman has two children with wife Shawna Hoffman

Mr. Hoffman advocates for family values and the love of God and has constantly expressed his desire for his children to grow up in the same footsteps.


Todd Hoffman is an American national. He is born to his parents father Jack Hoffman and mother Georgia Hoffman. He is the brother of Tamra Hoffman.

Todd’s father, Jack Hoffman always had the dream of becoming a successful gold miner. This dream was an inspiration to Todd, and he was very determined to make his father’s dream a reality.

Together with his dad, he shows an insatiable desire to succeed even after being abandoned by a majority of the crew members in the fifth season of the show. Together they work with more passion and vitality, and their hard work pays.


Name  Todd Hoffman
Career  TV Personality, Gold Miner
Nationality American
Birth Date 12th April 1969
Zodiac Sign Aries
Birthplace Germany
Age 48 Years
Spouse  Shawna Hoffman
Children Hunter and Hudson

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