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Vanna White

What is Vanna White net worth update. Also her salary and age.

Vanna White is best known for being a hostess on the popular game show Wheel of Fortune, but she brings home her sizeable income to add in her net worth in much more ways than that. She is also a bestselling author, Playboy model, and actress.

Vanna White Net Worth update 2019: $ 50 million 

Some sources claim both lower and higher numbers. One thing is for sure: this beautiful game show host lives in style! The salary for her work on Wheel of Fortune brings in eight million dollars a year. As such, Vanna White’s net worth stands at $ 50 million at the moment.

She is also the best-selling author. In 1987, she wrote her autobiography, Vanna Speaks!, from which she still receives royalties. We have calculated Vanna White’s net worth considering different sources for her income.


Vanna White also famously won a $403,000 settlement from Samsung in 1993, because Samsung made a parody of her for one of their commercials without asking permission to use her image. Licensed use of her image gets her thousands of dollars per year.  She also has her own line of yarn for crochet and knitting, Vanna’s Choice. Having been a popular and wealthy television presenter since 1982, she has been producing content for over thirty years. Her work as an actress and voice actress for film and television, along with her prior modeling work, contributes to Vanna White’s net worth.

Age: How old is Vanna White?

Born on February 18, 1957, Vanna White is 62 Years old as of 2019. But this lady has proven that age is just a number. The charm on her face still is same. Not to mention her popularity has still got medias and entertainment industries buzzing.

Vanna White’s Husband and Married Life

Her romantic life has been scarred by tragedy. Her first fiance died tragically in a plane crash, but that hasn’t led her to give up on love. She was married to restaurateur, George Santo Pietro, from 1990-2002 before they split civilly.

Vanna White with her husband George Santo Pietro

Caption: Vanna White with her husband George Santo Pietro in Red carpet function                             (married 1992-2002 )

Source: Zimbio

After this split with her husband, she had a two-year engagement to a successful businessman, Michael Kaye, before she broke it off. Now she has found happiness with a contractor, John Donaldson.

Vanna White with her to be husband Michael Kaye

Caption: Vanna White with her fiance Michael Kaye

Source: Getty Images

Source: Heavy

Short Bio

Vanna White started off as a game show contestant in 1980 on The Price is Right, before she became a game show personality as a hostess on Wheel of Fortune in 1982. The 80s were where her career excelled. She guest starred in television shows, took a starring role in the picture Goddess of Love, and made cameo appearances in other films. She also provided her voice acting talent to children’s cartoons in Canada and the USA. With fame came scandal, however, and photos of her wearing transparent lingerie made their way into Playboy magazine in 1987, the same year she released her tell-all autobiography.

Vanna White finally received her star on the Hollywood walk of fame in 2006. She has claimed to have finally found personal happiness after tragedy and divorce in her romantic life throughout her longstanding career. She still works with Pat Sajak on Wheel of Fortune.

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